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The type of “all A’s B is b” form is possible with the type of genus, as the type of species, as the other one covering the other. Then the relationship between the subject and the progress on the predication and the provisions on this relationship depend on the combination of the concepts and the clause of these templates. The belt of the templates are examined as part of the nature and not. According to the singulars under the accompaniment, it becomes a concept except for or without the borage. Casual (Land), except for those who are involved in the other, are associated (land) .35 Included in the breed, genus, genre and separation. The Temel is excluded from the nature (hassa) and the drug (AMM). The property and the community of the community are called the non-constructive elements.

K.Râzi, AGE., P. 35. K.Râzi, AGE., P. 34. Ali Riza Ardahani, Mi’yaru’l-Durmara, Istanbul 1308, SS. 162-163. Nasıreddin Tûsî, Esyu’l-İktibas, p. 44. Ibn Sinai, Healing-Medhal, p. 34.

When we look at samples 1 and 2 in the context of essential and interested in the context of the essence, the birds and lifeless concepts are not the essential parts of human and animal. At the same time, they cannot be added to human and animal sites. Accordingly, they accept the nature of human and animal concepts, birds and lifeless concepts. The bird is misinloyed in the animal, since the bird does not have the opportunity to become a lifeless part of the animal as lifestyle is not a part of the animal. Accordingly, the accuracy-inaccuracy is not only with reality, but also to be compatible with the content of the concepts. 2. The taskate, which constitutes the second part of the certicated classical logic books, is addressed by the taxi in the form of principles and the purpose as in Sufvurate. Accordingly, the principle of the Association is the maximum maximum .36 2.1. Recommendation The proposition of the Association of the Association is defined as the compound of the Compound “is correct” or “wrong” to say that you say to say to say. 37 Propositions, ‘Proposition of’ Proceeds ‘and’ Conditional (Conditioner), is divided into two parts .38 The proposition of the predicate consists of three parts: Subject (Legislative) “; “Loading (Mahmul)”; The issue is called the “Relatives of the Convision” which links the predicate. If the reign is relubruship, the ali subject is called. or determines its negativity. “Human is alive (animal)” The proposition of the accuracy and reality of being relative to the humanity in the proposition. These conditions are called “positive proposition” to the propositions. Suggestion in the form of ‘subject predicate’ in another statement is positive proposition. If the ‘subject is not the predicate’, it is the “negative proposition “.41, for example, the relationship between the subject is not realized as the” human stone “suggests, is not realized as the relationship between the subject. A negative but accurate proposition because of the fact that the ‘subject does not load’ in the form

Manisali, AGE.

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An important feature of the works made by bouncy cumbers and partridge is that these studies have based on Arabic resources. After the book of Hasan Ali Yücel’s book, approximately thirty years of Arabic resources are not taken into consideration, the importance of these studies is better understood. We see that both Hilmi Ziya Countries and Hamdi RagIP Atademir has a teacher at Ankara University, which has been made in the last fifty years in the last fifty years. Necati from the teacher said faculty suggest, then the Administrative Reforms in Turkey Science and Logic Conception, French Sociology Logic Origin According to the school problem and the logic area last fifty years in our country with works such as classical logic has been the most mentioned a figure of himself. From the students of the Suggest, Abdüludus Bingöl, he worked on the confusion with an Ottoman logic. Bingöl has a study on Semerandi, next to other studies. By the outlines of İbrahim Emiroğlu’s wrote, the book Necati Recommend Necati is the most comprehensive book written in this area after the classical logic book. Another study of Emiroğlu is the book named logic wrongs. Ömer Naci Bolay in Gazi University prepared in 1976 as a doctoral thesis in 1976 in 1986, it is important in the İBN Sinai in 1986, in 1986 he prepares the Book of Ibn Sinai Sina. As it is known, the ibni Sina is located in the first rankings among the world logicists. The last fifty years, a very mentioned logic of himself, which was very mentioned in 1966, the Middle East Technical University and the TEO Grunberg, which gave symbolic logic lessons at the University of Ankara University Language and Date Geography. In 1969, the symbolic logic in 1969, in 1970, in 1970, the Epistemic Epistemic Epistemic Epistemic Epistemic Logic in 1971 has published their logic books together with two friends in 1975. The dawn Ural and the born longing, which has studied in the field of college studies in both the classic logic and modern logic of the logic, is also important names of this area. Dawn

The name of Ural’s book is the name of the Basic Logic, the name of born Özlem is the logic. Ankara University has prepared a research at a research on various interpretations on various interpretations on durun Çiften logic in the Faculty of Language and History Faculty of Geography. From the Middle East Technical University, Cemal Yildirim has the books of Necip Taylan and Uludağ University in Uludağ University in Uludağ University. The third and fourth books of the six books are made by Greek to our tongue in Greek are made by Ali Houshiary. In translation books are first analyzes and second analyzes are given. Organon’s second book has turned in Greek with the name of Saffet Babur on Comment. These translations are also included in the original texts. Ali Durusoy from Marmara University Faculty of theology, Faculty of theology, contributed to the logic portion of the Book of İbni Sina and the logic section of the Book of İbni Sina.

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Teaching the knowledge of the unknowns of the unknowns, verifies and to know that the truth in the wrongs has been seen as the purpose of logic probe15. 12 Although Aristoto has not remembered with a special book name of the logic, this literature is called Organon. The use of Baghdadi’s logic proof composition, it is probably that he is known. 13 Bağdaddi, Kitabu’l-MU’teBer (logic), 5. The logic section of the progressing pages will be shown as m. 14 Indeed Aristoto says that as the first sentence of the Second Analytics is close to the expression of Bağdadi as follows: “Each learning given or received with the Ididal path comes from an earlier information.” 15 Bağdadi, M, 5-6.

The Baghdadi will also raise a discussion between the lingers and the logicists about the subject of logic. According to the slights, the matters of logic are the words (elfase). However, this is not a viewed view in terms of the bonded. Because this approach has been in terms of linguistic (ilmu-l-lugât). Furthermore, the logic does not interfere with the words in their own force area. It is indirect to deal with words (bilarase). This is similar to the situation in common discipline and sciences. The logic uses the mind to obtain the knowledge of those who are unknown to the words, without hearing the words in the words. If the scope of the logic is included in the scope, this is not an essential issue but is an associated situation. Baghdadi also attempts to open this topic in another respect. As such, the meanings are transferred to those who are addressed to those who are prepared with words, meaning to Gaip / remote people are transferred. Because the font also shows the meanings. In this case, the article will be the subject of the logic? Not of course. This is the words or articles that are actual in the logic so that they are meaning16. Farabi (Ö: 980) evaluates the issue of whether the words are included in the logic: As the art of logic gives the law on reasonable laws, all languages ​​are common laws for all languages. These two subjects are narrowed to the natic force. It is essentially because the logic name of logic of logic is as internal and external conversation protecting human from the error. The Nahiv gives the common laws for all languages ​​for all languages, while giving the laws on a community (Ummah) specific words17. The ibni Sina also suggests that the logic is concerned with words. In terms of the logic, speech and discussion (measures), it is necessary in the education angle as needed. It is not possible to learn logic only without words. The difficulty of adhering the words without advertising, has led to the logic of the words. On the other hand, ibni Sina, the topic of the logic is that it is not an understanding in the understanding that the subject of the logic is to investigate words in terms of mananding. Those at this sight are such that they told the subject of logic as they could not learn about the right18. Farabi’s understanding that logic proof has identified common laws for all languages, neither Ibn Sina is shown in Baghdadi. However, it can be said that the words are in the same sight as Ibn Sina. Bağdadi, in the light of the explanations, the benefit of logic proofs determines the subject of the scope as follows in the final assay: “It is the benefit of the beneficiary, to guide the minds towards the truths of the sciences and the impropriations (Hidewy) and the mind (redd)”.

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Refreshments are subject to the underties in the beams. If it is found in one of the compasses of the beam, the sequence will be negatively because the cut-in negativity is found. Suğrâ 1. 2. 3. 4.

The requirements of the second shape to give. 1. The opponents will be positive and negative as it will be different, two will not be positive or negative. 2. It will be a Kürülülülülür. According to these terms the second figure is four DARB:

1. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, Cubre Surami Culin, Subway: Surfi in the Milklin. Massey: Every person speaks. None of the birds talk. No people are birds. 2. DARB: SUCLIBEY CIRCULAR, CUBBRAGE CIRCULAR, SUSPENSE: Surge in the pocket. Masis: None of the Muslims is a hell. The infidels are all hell. None of the Muslims are unfitness. 3. DARB: SUCRAGE COLD’IYE, CUBUL SURGISMY CIRCULAR, SUPERTIFICATION: Surface is the wall. Misl: Some Muslims make pilgrimages. No disbeliever makes a pilgrimage. Some Muslims are not infidelity. 4. DARB: SUCLIBE COLL’IYE, CUBRAGE CIRCULAR MIRCLE, ASSIGHT: Saying is the COLLOW. Massey: Some people are not sick. Every medicine is the patient. Some people don’t eat medicine. The requirements of the third shape are two: 1. Suvrâ will be positive. 2. At least one of the compacts will be mixtured. According to these conditions, there are six DOCBI of the third form: 1. DARB: SUCRA AND CUBRAGE MIRCLE CULAR, SUPERTICATION: Mûcıyı Cünüyye. Masque: Every person is alive. Every person dies. Some people die. Every nigga is black. Every nigga is human. Some black is nigga. 2. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, CubBrâlami Milkliye, Subject: Surface is the wall. Masque: Every person is alive. No people are stones. Is not some living stone. 3. DARB: SUCRAGE COLD’IYE, CUMBRAGE CIRCULAR MIRCLE, SUBSTANCE: Mûcibeyi is the wall. Masque: Some flowers are red. Every flower is the plant. Some reds are the plant. 4. DARB: SUGRABIYE COLD’IYE, CUBRA SOMETY Milklin, Detection: Saying is the COLLOW. Masis: Nebaytin is a tomato. No Nebayland is not useless. Some tomato is not useless. 5. DARB: Sensit is the Cubber of the Cubber Cubber, Subject: The Mûcibey is the wall. Masque: Every fabric has touched. Some fabric is worn. Some touched are worn. 6. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, CubBrie Surami Sür’iyye, Sayılıkı: Saying is the COLD’I. Masque: Every live mosque makes it prayer. Some mosques are not filthy. Some prayer places are not filthy. The requirements of the fourth shape to give

1. Muğrâ both mûcibe or one will be both mûcibe or one mûcibe to the other – if both of the mûcibe will be mûcibe, there will be a mürüye as it will be as mürüye, there will be the powdery powder in the form of mutual, if it will be mûcibe both mucundy, two Darb occur. 1. DARB: Assume Muğriği Milkliye, Cubre Muscle Milklin, Hipe: Mûcibeyi is the wall. Masque: Every Muslim makes it prayer. Every fasting is Muslim. Holding some prayer. 2. DARB: Sensit Muğriği Culinier, CubBoe Curn’iye, Suspect: Mûcibeyi is the wall.

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I’ve just tried a vehicle in Toyota Corolla 2012, I had a vehicle in wonderful fitness, but I’ve had a lot of trouble lifting the car, I usually rather react than all the tools I use, just stopping by leaving the clutch, I don’t think that I’m missing the point, I don’t think I’m missing the point of grip, I don’t think I’m missing the point. I tried, but it stopped stopped, I pressed the gas with half a clutch in the name of the ability to remove, and the clutch was a little burned, the smell of deep plastic. I know that there is no problem in this car, I was like this because I’m not used to the car, but I want to ask the Corolla’s is a different logic for the clutch? I couldn’t understand why I have so hard. I’m too much damage to the Balaya? It was a friend’s car, I’ve been somewhat medullary.

Nothing specific to Corolla. The pads are eroded, close to the change time. He can be for the reason. After 5 vehicles in a row from the production band, they are all in the side by side by side by side by each other are all of them to respond differently.

You say I know that there is no problem in the car but you can be sure how to disassemble. If your friend is also used to this use, it may be normal.

On the other hand, if the idle setting of the vehicle is below, this also affects it, a little too gas is to take place.

In the relationship between the grip point and gas, what you feel as a very big difference is actually accustomed to you. To indicate that this is not the case, you know that you have written the model of vehicle but; Really being used to all of them, the meleke is becoming becoming a place.

The car owner uses very clean, if you see the sample citizen, I have also trusted the car in good fitness, but perhaps it is worn.

They have said something like that, I went to 500m gear from uneasiness in order to avoid being standing again, while I was experiencing the agent. 20km fixed quickly, after I left the vehicle owner. 1. They said that they could be from the scene of going in gear, I’m not going to go on the 1st gear but I’m going to this day at 1st time in the E-5 traffic in my own car, I’ve never experienced in the 1st time. 1. Wonder if the gear subject is correct?

Years ago I have used Corolla, while the gasoline is over-hardened when removing. I guess the very precise grip point. that tool that I had stopped in the best. Then I always used it automatically. cooled me out of manual 🙂

If you are sure that the smell of the smell is smell of the ballad, you go to a long time in gear which speed is the most radiator fluid stink.

Also a relevant situation with the clutch setting. One of the very accustomed cars to the car is definitely stopped in the car with a grasping clutch in the following …

In addition, the 1.33 gasoline motor is already a terrible car that the torque is about 800 in the vehicles you use in the vehicles you use at around 800 (idle circulation) is probably the least torque. The result may have been the result of not being used to be used to both the drap and the clutch.

Corolla’s grip point is close to the ground. It’s like that on all the models I use. I have officially clutch clutch in the place where I had VW. It is easy to make the car using clean and not abrasive a drivers printing on the clutch. A one-time burn is no harm than smell. Although the ballad is finished, the car vibrates at the departure, jerky lifts, the clutch should leave too late, you need to get up car. Has it been such a problem?

The print pad gets up every stop and are more or less eroded in each gear change. The possibility that it is difficult to use the clutch pads without wearing the clutch pads, the same as the possibility of traveling without wearing the wheels. If the novice driver is pertinent in 2-3 years, the rigorous and the master drive is pertaining to 6-7 years.

An incorrect information is as well as the following car’s clutch comprehend below, there is no such thing as the following car’s clutch. If you connect the clutch wire a little short, it is below, if you connect a little long.

2. I didn’t cross the 2nd ripples in gear. Friends insisted on the 1st gear not used in the 1st gear, I say you need to go to the 2nd gear, I don’t have a preference as I’m using the vehicle in the Gift 1. Normally, but I have the problem in use in 500m that came to me.

In order to understand the point of the clutch, the clutch before my foot is bridden to feel a little bit of the clutch, where the vehicle is starting to give the power of the vehicle, when he has detected the power of this vehicle, when I suspected the power of the vehicle, when I suspected the power of the vehicle. I have run again, I found the grip point, I gave the point, such as gave the gas, trembled, shuddered and stopped again, I have stopped from the parking place, the car was also desperate and I continued to give the car until the car shield in half the clutch, the car was painless and I continued to shield in half clutch. And the pole came to a deep plastic smell, he did not go to the intense fragrance half an hour.

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In this context, three-day free project writing training was organized for non-governmental organizations (NGO) on 10-11-12 March 2011 with the Provincial Directorate of Izmir Associations (STGM) and Izmir Associations. The ‘provinces of the European Union are preparing to the EU’ s general secretaria ‘The Governorate of Izmir Governorship is prepared with the European Union and External Relations Coordination Center. The project qualifies financial support. Following the approval of the İzmir Governorship in the executive of the Governorship and is partnered in İzmir, the project activities were started to be carried out after the approval of the project in Izmir.

Free project writing training has been edited. It is aimed to improve the capacity of public institutions, local governments and NGO project office personnel carried out in İzmir in İzmir in İzmir.

In this context, two experts participated in the Program Cycle Management Education for the European Public Administration Institute (EIPA) on 7-9 September 2011 on the Netherlands.

The studies of creating a support model for the development of entrepreneurship in the region with the Embroynx University of Izmir Economics University. The evaluation of the legislation to entrepreneurial supports and changes were prepared. MIT Enterprise Forum Turkey

“Birfikrinmivar carried out by Özyeğin University with the Business Plan Competition organized by (MITEF)?” studies to be announced in the region of the competition. Ashoka Endeavor and MITEF models review visit.

Between 26-30 September 2011, 15 people in the Project Offices of the Provincial Governors in the Aegean Region were given 5 days of funds, educator training and project cycle management issues. Public institutions in Izmir, local governments and civil society organizations were given 5-day EU basic education, 3-day project cycle management training and 2-day educational training.

Development and supporting of entrepreneurship The activities of the activities for the development of entrepreneurship in Izmir were designed to be designed. Other country samples were examined and the support types of entrepreneurs were investigated. With regard to the incubation central model, Mersin Tarsus is carried out in Tarsus and Adana Tekmer and Technopark visits. Area Summit, held in Ankara by KOSGEB, the index conference held in Ankara by Technopolis, International Entrepreneurship Congress, which is carried out by İzmir Economics University, ENTRACTION FORUM is held in Istanbul within the scope of the Global Entrepreneurship Week activities, held in Istanbul by the Prime Ministry

Entrepreneurship Summit has been participated in a large number of activities. Two-day training was organized for agency experts to improve technical knowledge and capacity in incubancial centers. Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation Visits were performed in terms of examination of institutions and organizations that provide entrepreneurs with financial support. In addition, these organizations were administered the survey and the determination of the existing situation and the entrepreneurship supports to date. The activity plan for increasing these supports was prepared.

Apart from visits to beneficiaries to carry out these activities effectively, it was ensured that beneficiaries visit the agency and exchange information with monitoring professionals.

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Expanding the Societary Conditions and Facilities to Expanding the Society of Services for Health, Social and Social Compensation 4. Strengthening social integration and improving the environmental quality of the environment and improving environmental quality 5.Itness, urban, environmental, social, cultural and information communication infrastructures

In addition to the basic priorities, the policy priorities of the Agency on the key sectors determined for İzmir in the 2010-2013 İzmir Regional Plan are summarized below: 1.The development of the potential in the field of advanced technologies in the field of advanced technologies. 3. Making a tourism destination with interrelation in the interrelation 4.Logistics infrastructure and human resources, improving the integration of Izmir and the integration between Izmir and the industry, increasing agricultural competitiveness in the region 6. Failing to increase the agricultural production structure 7 .Construction of the design and fashion center

Basic Values ​​and Work Principles Basic Values; It refers to the management of the organization with its corporate principles and behavior rules. It is social principles that direct the institution within the framework of the purpose of being reached as an institution. The Izmir Development Agency carries out all activities in the corporate and the main values ​​of all activities carried out outside the institution. The basic values ​​of İZKA guidance to determining their election and strategies are as follows.

The policy policy means that the decision-making processes are involved in the implementation of the preparation and from there to the effective process of the relevant stakeholders in the stages from there. The fact that the decisions with an participant understanding is also believed that decisions increase the possibility of applying. Innovation is to aim to develop continuous development with an innovative perspective in all our corporate processes. Supporting the creative thinking in the institution is also associated with innovation. The principle of neutrality of Iska practices is the principle of neutrality activities, it requires to be equal to all segments in the receiving and implementation of decisions. Transparency defines the processes where applications are kept open and external stakeholders and can be monitored and monitored in account. The reliability principle aims to ensure confidence in the stakeholders as a result of the impartiality practices carried out and continuously increase it. Solution focus requires focus on solving problems with fast analysis, decision-making and application capacity. The productivity policy requires to perform planning, implementation and monitoring processes with a view of the source and the resulting output balance used in the fulfillment of activities.

A) Financial Information The agency of the year 2011 and the explanations on the basic financial statements are presented below.

1. Budget Application Results The Agency has 46.171.333 ¨ provided to be allocated to the beginning of 2011. 62.076.849 ¨ Cash from 2010 and the total of 2011 budget revenues of 2011 are envisaged as 108.248.182 ¨. The agency has been transferred to the 4,480,000 ¨ of the amount that is foreseen to be allocated from central government budget revenues. The total amount of the total amount provided by the Provincial Private Administration, Municipalities and Industry and Commerce Rooms and 22,773.130,78 ¨. Interest income obtained in 2011 4.

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US Foreign Trade Intractivity Izmir

With the branch of the branch, contacts were provided with companies in the renewable energy sector from 6-7 December 2011 to Izmir.

The delegation of Indonesia was hosted by Indonesia’s West Java Province. The delegation was performed in Izmir, Izka and a presentation describing the possibilities of cooperation.

The German Turkish Trade and Industry Chamber of Germany has realized a delegation from the Turkish Trade and Industry Chamber of Germany. The idea of ​​cooperation in the meeting on renewable energy and energy efficiency was concluded.

The Sarajevo Development Agency delegation was a general manager of the Sarajevo Development Agency between 26-29 October 2011 and an agency official to Izmir, is a visit to izmir. During its visits, the guest delegation has been combined with the Izmirli Manufacturers who want to establish business relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina in our region. A successful program has been prepared for guests who want to meet with the manufacturers of furniture and electronics.

Chinese Political – Economic Delegation China’s Jiangsu Province of the Province of Jiangsu Province of Foreign Relations, Jiangsu Province Folk Congress representatives of the Jiangsu Province of Folk Congress came between December 21 – December 23, 2011 to İzmir to various contacts. Various interviews were made in line with the 3-day detailed program prepared by the Agency. In addition to the interviews, the delegation was introduced to the historical cultural elements of Izmir.

Field Visits The company visits in the strategic sectors are continued to be visited in the sectors that are strategically positioned in the sectors. In this context, the understanding of the situation in Izmir in Izmir, pairing firms with foreign investors groups, the most niche advantages that can be used in marketing activities were aimed. In this context, ABK Res, Kardemir, TCE EGE Container Terminal Operations Inc and Yaylaköy Res companies were visited and mutual views were exchanged. In addition, in order to ensure information on foreign investors in Izmir to establish company in Izmir, two İzmirli Legal Firms are experienced.

Nordex Energy Inc. Visits of Istanbul Office with Izmir Office Nordex is a German-Hamburg-based wind turbine manufacturer and is one of the world’s giants. The company primarily Izmir Office, after receipt by visiting the main office in Istanbul about the future plans of the company with structuring in Turkey.

VESTAS Istanbul Office visit to Vestas, from the world’s three large turbines manufacturers, information was received in the company and their investments in the company and the investment opportunities offered for the sector.

Air Trade Center is visited by HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Airconditioning: Ventilation, Air Trade Center Istanbul Branch, visited by Air Trade Center Netherlands Investigation Introduction Tour. The company officials, which offer solutions for commitment and engineering companies, was transferred to İzmir in the Technical Presentation of the Processing Analysis Report from the Person Cluster Analysis Report.

The TAIB Investment Bank interview was discussed with the General Manager of Bahrain National TAIB Bank after returning from India Investment Tour.

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Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1866-1946. Spanish version of José and Antonio Bendala. It cleared. Dingy cover. Rubbed loin. LI190. Ref no. Item No.:1830570

Item Description: Molino., 1950. tapa blanda. Crime novels, mystery, intrigue. Twentieth century. (82-312.4 “19”) Mill. Barcelona. 1950. 17 cm. 255 p. Illustrated editorial soft cover binding. Collection ‘Selecciones de Biblioteca Oro’, collection number (59). Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1866-1946. Moran Chambers smiled. Version by Alfonso Nadal. Ponsa. The trad. consists of v. of the port. Grab. intercal. Nadal, Alfonso. 1886-1943. Dingy cover. LC149. Ref no. Item No.: 1808290

Item Description: Cervantes., 1953. tapa blanda. Novels representative of customs and characters. Twentieth century. (82-311.2 “19”) Cervantes. Barcelona. 1953. 17 cm. 218 p. Illustrated editorial soft cover binding. Collection ‘Complete works’, collection number (LXV). Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1866-1946. Translation by Ana María Lloret. It cleared. Dingy cover. LD118. Ref no. Item No.:1811823

Description: Literary Magazine “Novelas y cuentos., 1957. Softcover. English literature. Short novel. Literary story. 20th century. (821.111-32” 19 “) Literary Magazine” Novelas y cuentos. Madrid. 1957. 23 cm. 58 p. Illustrated editorial soft cover binding. Collection ‘Literary magazine “Novelas y cuentos”‘, collection number (year 29, n. 1363). Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1866-1946. Includes “Valley of Spies” by D. Howarth and E. Hauce. Dingy cover. LH205. Ref no. Item No.:1821670

Description: Literary Magazine “Novelas y cuentos., 1963. Soft cover. English literature. Short novel. Literary story. 20th century. (821.111-32” 19 “) Literary Magazine” Novelas y cuentos. Madrid. 1963. 23 cm. 48 p. Illustrated editorial soft cover binding. Collection ‘Literary magazine “Novelas y cuentos”‘, collection number (year 35, n. 1679). Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1866-1946. Includes “The ace of the air police” by L. Lader. Dingy cover. LH106. Ref no. Item No.:1819163

Item Description: Editorial Molino., 1943. tapa blanda. Editorial Molino. Barcelona. 1943. 22 cm. 112 p. Illustrated editorial soft cover binding. Collection ‘Biblioteca Oro. Yellow Series’, collection number (n. 144). Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1866-1946. The man without nerves. Spanish version of G. Lopez Hipkiss. Graf. Vicente Ferrer Maluquer. Grab. intercal. Dingy cover. LK173. Ref no. Item No. 2053239

Item Description: Plaza & Janés., 1980. tapa blanda. English literature. Novel. Twentieth century. (820-31 “19”) Plaza & Janés. Esplugues de Llobregat Barcelona. 1980. 18 cm. 219 p. Illustrated editorial soft cover binding. Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1866-1946. Translation from English by H. C. Granch. Granch, H. 1892-1970.

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Some of the health reform therapists and physicians had more than patients “believers” of a new “religion” – that of health reform. For example, among the health reformers there were many spiritualists.

In this social climate it was necessary to defend an approach, if not diametrically opposite, then much more nuanced. The divine leadership of the health reform movement was imposed, since otherwise without such leadership, if it had been taken to its ultimate consequences, it could threaten the survival of the Adventist Church as such.

Suffice it to remember the crisis caused by pantheistic ideas, very typical of naturist movements, and which were defended among others by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. At the core of the health reform movements is a religion of worship of nature and the human body, which is in opposition to the Christian view.

God inspired Ellen G. White with regard to health reform, so that the church on this issue would not take a wrong turn and be immersed in the maelstrom of health reform movements, temperantists, etc. with great ideological appeal and enormous social force.

Additionally, Ellen G. White plays a moderating role in the radical extremisms of health reformers.

Ellen G. White receives the vision of June 6, 1863 when the bulk of knowledge and sensitivity for health reform are already sufficient and people are expectant and want to know about the subject. And before it is too late and irrecoverable deviations occur. The message is given at the right time (kairos), as it has always been with all divine messages.

Ellen G. White claims not to have read the Dansville books before receiving the vision of June 6, 1863 at Otsego, but she does not claim not to have read them before drafting the fundamental aspects of the vision in their final form in the outline of the most of the six How to Live articles. Perhaps it would be appropriate to think the same in relation to Spiritual Gifts, Volumes 3 and 4, Appeal to mothers.

The medical phraseology on the subject of health reform that Ellen G. White uses to express the content of her visions is the same as that used by the rest of her contemporaries.