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An important feature of the works made by bouncy cumbers and partridge is that these studies have based on Arabic resources. After the book of Hasan Ali Yücel’s book, approximately thirty years of Arabic resources are not taken into consideration, the importance of these studies is better understood. We see that both Hilmi Ziya Countries and Hamdi RagIP Atademir has a teacher at Ankara University, which has been made in the last fifty years in the last fifty years. Necati from the teacher said faculty suggest, then the Administrative Reforms in Turkey Science and Logic Conception, French Sociology Logic Origin According to the school problem and the logic area last fifty years in our country with works such as classical logic has been the most mentioned a figure of himself. From the students of the Suggest, Abdüludus Bingöl, he worked on the confusion with an Ottoman logic. Bingöl has a study on Semerandi, next to other studies. By the outlines of İbrahim Emiroğlu’s wrote, the book Necati Recommend Necati is the most comprehensive book written in this area after the classical logic book. Another study of Emiroğlu is the book named logic wrongs. Ömer Naci Bolay in Gazi University prepared in 1976 as a doctoral thesis in 1976 in 1986, it is important in the İBN Sinai in 1986, in 1986 he prepares the Book of Ibn Sinai Sina. As it is known, the ibni Sina is located in the first rankings among the world logicists. The last fifty years, a very mentioned logic of himself, which was very mentioned in 1966, the Middle East Technical University and the TEO Grunberg, which gave symbolic logic lessons at the University of Ankara University Language and Date Geography. In 1969, the symbolic logic in 1969, in 1970, in 1970, the Epistemic Epistemic Epistemic Epistemic Epistemic Logic in 1971 has published their logic books together with two friends in 1975. The dawn Ural and the born longing, which has studied in the field of college studies in both the classic logic and modern logic of the logic, is also important names of this area. Dawn

The name of Ural’s book is the name of the Basic Logic, the name of born Özlem is the logic. Ankara University has prepared a research at a research on various interpretations on various interpretations on durun Çiften logic in the Faculty of Language and History Faculty of Geography. From the Middle East Technical University, Cemal Yildirim has the books of Necip Taylan and Uludağ University in Uludağ University in Uludağ University. The third and fourth books of the six books are made by Greek to our tongue in Greek are made by Ali Houshiary. In translation books are first analyzes and second analyzes are given. Organon’s second book has turned in Greek with the name of Saffet Babur on Comment. These translations are also included in the original texts. Ali Durusoy from Marmara University Faculty of theology, Faculty of theology, contributed to the logic portion of the Book of İbni Sina and the logic section of the Book of İbni Sina.

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