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Teaching the knowledge of the unknowns of the unknowns, verifies and to know that the truth in the wrongs has been seen as the purpose of logic probe15. 12 Although Aristoto has not remembered with a special book name of the logic, this literature is called Organon. The use of Baghdadi’s logic proof composition, it is probably that he is known. 13 Bağdaddi, Kitabu’l-MU’teBer (logic), 5. The logic section of the progressing pages will be shown as m. 14 Indeed Aristoto says that as the first sentence of the Second Analytics is close to the expression of Bağdadi as follows: “Each learning given or received with the Ididal path comes from an earlier information.” 15 Bağdadi, M, 5-6.

The Baghdadi will also raise a discussion between the lingers and the logicists about the subject of logic. According to the slights, the matters of logic are the words (elfase). However, this is not a viewed view in terms of the bonded. Because this approach has been in terms of linguistic (ilmu-l-lugât). Furthermore, the logic does not interfere with the words in their own force area. It is indirect to deal with words (bilarase). This is similar to the situation in common discipline and sciences. The logic uses the mind to obtain the knowledge of those who are unknown to the words, without hearing the words in the words. If the scope of the logic is included in the scope, this is not an essential issue but is an associated situation. Baghdadi also attempts to open this topic in another respect. As such, the meanings are transferred to those who are addressed to those who are prepared with words, meaning to Gaip / remote people are transferred. Because the font also shows the meanings. In this case, the article will be the subject of the logic? Not of course. This is the words or articles that are actual in the logic so that they are meaning16. Farabi (Ö: 980) evaluates the issue of whether the words are included in the logic: As the art of logic gives the law on reasonable laws, all languages ​​are common laws for all languages. These two subjects are narrowed to the natic force. It is essentially because the logic name of logic of logic is as internal and external conversation protecting human from the error. The Nahiv gives the common laws for all languages ​​for all languages, while giving the laws on a community (Ummah) specific words17. The ibni Sina also suggests that the logic is concerned with words. In terms of the logic, speech and discussion (measures), it is necessary in the education angle as needed. It is not possible to learn logic only without words. The difficulty of adhering the words without advertising, has led to the logic of the words. On the other hand, ibni Sina, the topic of the logic is that it is not an understanding in the understanding that the subject of the logic is to investigate words in terms of mananding. Those at this sight are such that they told the subject of logic as they could not learn about the right18. Farabi’s understanding that logic proof has identified common laws for all languages, neither Ibn Sina is shown in Baghdadi. However, it can be said that the words are in the same sight as Ibn Sina. Bağdadi, in the light of the explanations, the benefit of logic proofs determines the subject of the scope as follows in the final assay: “It is the benefit of the beneficiary, to guide the minds towards the truths of the sciences and the impropriations (Hidewy) and the mind (redd)”.

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